The Business:
Studio Promise is a new premier photographic studio based out of Australia's glorious Gold Coast. The studio is the creation of acclaimed photographer DJ Paine & a dedicated team of talented professionals. We focus on the most important (and fun) things in the world:
Children, Families & Weddings.
Studio Promise is also a pioneer in pushing the photography industry to become "above reproach" in it's standards with working with children. To read more about our standards
click here.

Our Mission:
Here at Studio Promise we have a simple mission statement:
"Studio Promise: Your Photographers". Just as you have a family doctor, dentist, lawyer or trade person, our desire is to become your family's trusted professional photographers. To accomplish that we have a three fold goal: Listen TO YOU. Have a fantastic time photographing WITH YOU. PROVIDE YOU with the best quality work & customer service.

  1. Listen TO YOU - quite simply there are a lot of photographers out there that might be very talented but they never get it right because they simply do not connect with who they are photographing. They then miss capturing the essence of the relationship between a Bride and Groom or parents and children and this is what makes a photograph truly magic and personal. It's a two way street: Once you feel that we are a team and you trust us, you can relax and enjoy the experience. For us we create better art when we know our subject.
  2. Have a fantastic time photographing WITH YOU - this builds on the foundation of listening to you; once we have done that we can then have an absolute ball with the shoot. We work together while we are photographing so we can create something we are both ecstatic about.
  3. PROVIDE YOU with the best quality work & customer service - now that we have created the pictures you have always wanted, we use the best professional services and products from around the world to realize the vision. We are always contactable in a medium that suits you and we guarantee that if you don't reach us the first time we will get back to you that same day. Communication is everything.

Our Principle Photographer:
DJ Paine has been shooting professionally for 15 years and he likes to describe his career as "an exciting journey". The journey began as DJ grew up on the popular beach side city of the Gold Coast fascinated with light; the morning light he saw on the Broadwater while swimming with his father, the night time neon lights of the tourist traps in Surfers Paradise, the twilight glow as he walked through the creek beds in the national parks.... now, years later, after traveling to different places around the world, working for a decade with some of the finest photographers in Victoria, DJ is back in his home town - swimming and bushwalking with his wife and three sons... He is still fascinated with the light: the way it falls over and fills the people he is blessed to take photographs of.

His wedding work has taken him all over Australia: from simple beach weddings on the Great Ocean Road of Victoria to huge affairs on The Rocks around Sydney Harbour to urban cool modern in the cafe's & clubs of Brisbane's west end. DJ is still smitten with his gorgeous wife Benita & he's a dedicated father of 3 rambunctious boys. He is a passionate and patient child photographer, who genuinely loves to photograph little ones, having photographed literally thousands of children in his career.