We have clients, friends and even family who every month tell us horror stories of all their children's or family pictures (stored on their laptop or on a disc somewhere) going missing or being ruined because the computer died or the CD was lost. That is why we believe you need to invest in beautiful, professional images that will become family heirlooms. Think of those few pictures you have of your parents, or even your grandparents... how much are they worth to you? They are priceless!

We believe that it's time to seize the moment! The amazing experience you have with us at Studio Promise is a life long investment.... and the experience includes so much more than just the photo shoot!

  • meeting together by phone or in person before the shoot to work together
    so we can find out exactly what you want.
  • the years of experience, the unique creative talent and the technical
    knowledge our photographer brings to the photo session...
  • the professional gear; not only the equipment we use to shoot and light
    your work with, but also the machines we use to refine & store your images on.
  • the help we provide in giving you the product (or products) you have
    always wanted. We pride ourselves in helping you achieve exactly
    what you desire to do with your images.
  • Then after all is said and done you have the gorgeous pictures on your wall
    or in your album or in the book you give to your parents. Studio Promise's
    quality guaranteed products are the perfect way to celebrate all that is wonderful in your life.

This investment is a mutual engagement: we as a studio are investing all our energies into creating exactly what you want, while you are investing your time, money and trust to help us deliver just that.
Here you will find a little bit about our products and offerings for Weddings or Children & Family sessions. As always, if you have any questions: please contact us!